Mascaro & Sons Transfer Station Permit Application Denied

On August 8, the Waste Management Program denied the company's permit application due to the repeated inability of the company to address major technical concerns brought out during the department's review of the application and issues presented by the public at a hearing held in September 1995. Just prior to the denial, the company sent a letter criticizing the department's review process and requesting a meeting to essentially re-open the review process. The regional director sent a reply that detailed the numerous opportunities the DEP had given the company to address the problems. The major concerns not addressed in submissions from the company included substantial areas of the proposed facility being located next to a 100-year flood plain; failure to properly define and delineate wetlands; the close proximity to the Nanticoke High School athletic fields; and incomplete information on site characteristics within the enclosed structure of the proposed transfer station. In addition, the applicant never clearly defined floorplans, the layout of specific locations for operations and equipment, and significant portions of land affected by transfer station operations were not included or defined in the application. This information would normally provide the department with a framework for conducting inspections to evaluate the company's compliance with its permit obligations. Other deficiencies included a lack of fire control equipment and an adequate water supply for fire fighting; a lack of adequate leachate and stormwater management; and a lack of an effective odor control plan. The issue of odor control was mentioned as a major concern at the public hearing. The company also did not adequately present detailed plans for odor control equipment or methods. Mascaro & Sons originally submitted the permit application in August 1994. The problem areas were specifically presented to the company in a technical review letter dated December 1994, a December 1995 pre-denial letter, during a January 1996 technical meeting between the department and the company and its consultants and a February 1996 final technical letter clarifying critical review issues. An appeal by the company is pending.

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compiled by Ben Oostdam on February 9, 2001